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Puppy Diet Subscription

English cocker spaniel puppy eating dog food from ceramic bowl.jpg

SGD85 - First puppy recipe, 5 weeks of follow-up support
SGD20 - Recipe adjustments after the 5 weeks of follow up
SGD40 - First adult recipe 
Puppyhood is a really precious time. In a short span of 8-18 months, a puppy grows from fitting into your palms to full sized. It is especially important that we grow a puppy right so that we can ensure the foundations are sound and the puppy grows well. 

The puppy recipe is custom formulated for your little one and adjusted at regular intervals to ensure that the nutrients provided by the recipe suit his/her growing needs. In the initial months while your puppy is undergoing a growth spurt, we'll see more frequent adjustments. These adjustments happen further apart as your puppy grows closer to full sized. By the time he/she is about 80% of his full-grown weight, he/she will be ready for the first adult recipe. 

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