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Elimination Diet Subscription

SGD50 - First consult and first ingredient
SGD20 - Each subsequent ingredient
SGD25 - Final and completed recipe 
A sensitive dog is an exceptionally special dog. His/Her unique sensitivities often means what is commercially available is not well tolerated. Yet with the many different ingredients in a diet, we seldom know what the culprit is that made the dog itchy or have digestive issues in the first place.


Puppy is scratching yourself on the floor.jpg

This is where an elimination trial can be helpful. By testing each ingredient one at a time, the individualised recipe is developed over time. Each revision of the recipe will ensure the dog gets adequate calories while getting the overall diet closer to a complete and balanced recipe.

The whole process typically takes 6-8 months. Along the way, tips and ideas specific to the dog's needs will be provided to help support the dog holistically to support the dog's journey to minimal flares and a wholesome life. 

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