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"I just have a quick question!"

SGD25 - for 5 email exchanges within a -week period

Well, you get more than one quick question. With this service, you get 5 email exchanges to answer the questions you may have.
This service is for questions as related to your dog's diet or the use of aromatherapy with your dog. It is not the place to solve a difficult health issue or come up with a diet or complete aromatherapy protocol.  

Copying Down

For owners who require an extension of follow-up support from the recipe formulation, this service provides unlimited email exchanges within the week, provided the service is obtained within 5 days from the expiration of the original follow-up support from the recipe formulation. 


After any work has started, only 50% of the fee will be refunded. 

After a recipe is sent out, only 15% of the fee will be refunded.

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