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Fresh Food Toppers Recommendation


Image: Alyssa Bailey


When we buy new clothes, we don't always have our clothes made from scratch by the tailor. Sometimes, we find clothes we really like that don't fit us perfectly. To make these clothes fit better, we bring them to the tailor and have them altered. 

In the same way, some owners wish to feed an already AAFCO or FEDIAF balanced and complete kibble, pre-made raw (whether freeze-dried, air dried or frozen) or dehydrated food but have the diet customised with 10-20% of the diet in the form of targeted fresh food additions. 

This formulation service is for owners who wish to feed up to 20% of the diet in the form of fresh food toppers to their healthy adult dogs. It assumes that the dog already tolerates the commercially available food well. 


You will receive:

  • one customised set of free food topper recommendations for your dog

  • complete instructions for preparing the fresh food

  • links to supplements (if necessary) 

Additional recipes may be purchased at a discounted price. 

Repeat clients receive 10% discount for all services.

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