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Foaming Dog Shampoo

Chihuahua Bath

The picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. 

SGD30 (250ml bottle with foam pump) 
With the weather being so humid all year round, and our dogs traipsing everywhere, it is often advised that the dogs are bathed weekly or fortnightly. 
Our gentle shampoo is blended with a castile soap base and hydrosols. It is hand blended on demand, and customised for your dog's needs, whether you hope to have the shampoo help with your dog's skin issues or help have a calming effect.  
To use: Wet your dog down. Then lather the soap all over your dog. The soap may be foaming when you rub it on your dog, but will wash off extremely quickly and easily with no bubbles. 

In lieu of a conditioner, rinse your dog off with a diluted tea. Speak with our aromatherapist for tea recommendations for your dog! 

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