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Tick Repellent - Best seller! 

Anti mosquitoe and anti-insect for active dog outdoors. Person uses spray to prevent insec

The picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. 

SGD35 (4oz spray bottle)
With it being tick season all year round, and dogs who love to romp through tall grass, ticks that decide to hitch a ride or make a meal out of our beloved dogs can be a real concern for all pet parents. 

A good tick repellent can help alleviate the concern. Our hydrosol-based repellent is blended only upon order to ensure freshness of the product. It has minimal amounts of essential oils to make sure the product is gentle for the dogs, yet effective in repelling against ticks, fleas, and also mosquitoes. 

To use: Shake the bottle well. Then spray all over the dog. Remember to apply some around the face, ears, bum and paws too. 
Feel free to spray on your clothes to protect yourself against the bugs as well! 

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