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When weighing scales tell lies...

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Look at these 2 containers of food. They are my Oreo’s dinner. Different menus. If you have to hazard a guess, which provides more calories?

Left: Beef, beef liver, brown rice, ½ egg, 20g salmon and supplements. Food weighs about 450g.

Right: Lamb, lamb liver, sweet potato, ½ egg, 30g salmon and supplements. Food

weighs about 320g.

If you guessed the one on the right, well, you guessed right! (Pun not intended.)

While the container on the left contains about 450g of food, it only adds up to about 350 calories. The one on the right has about 320g of food but the food adds up to about 380 calories. 30 calories doesn’t seem like much, but that loss of 100g of food certainly looks like it does. 30 calories for a small dog is actually a lot, considering it adds up to about 2.25 days’ worth of calorie needs in 4 weeks.

This happens because fat contains more than twice the amount of calories than protein and carbohydrates. The lamb meal (right) is higher in fat.

The weighing scale lied. Heavier and a bigger amount of food doesn't equate feeding a dog more. Just one of the reasons why I do NOT promote the use of ratios and weight of food when trying to decide how much to feed a dog. 🙂

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